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Custom Mouthguards at KR Dental

Woman inserting custom mouthguardAt KR Dental, we care deeply about your smile, as well as your long-term oral health and wellbeing. This is why we offer additional services such as custom mouthguards, designed to give your smile extra protection when it needs it most.

Did you know that some of the most common athletic injuries are related to the mouth and face? Fortunately, it’s possible to reduce you or your child’s chances of a broken or knocked out tooth. Professionally fitted mouthguards offer the best protection possible to safeguard your teeth against dental emergencies. Especially if you’re involved in any type of contact sport.

Protect Your Smile

Many of us play sport, but did you know injury or trauma to your teeth can result in serious dental concerns (like loss of a tooth)? This is why it’s vital that you or your children wear a dentist-made, custom-fitted mouthguard when playing contact sports. A sports mouthguard may be one of the most important pieces of protective equipment that you ever invest in.

These personalised mouthguards are made by one of our dentists using an impression taken of your upper and lower teeth. Custom fitting allows the dentist to accurately assess your mouth and provide the best fit, size, coverage and thickness, resulting in better protection against tooth damage, injuries to your mouth or jaw, or even concussion. Instead of a looser, bulky mouthguard you can find in stores, these devices hug your teeth snuggly and stay in place when you need them the most. Their comfortable, smooth design is easy to hydrate and talk with so that you won’t be tempted to take it out during the game.


How long do sports mouthguards last?

Adults can keep their mouthguards for several seasons, assuming they don’t break or chew through them. If you can see daylight through the acrylic, it’s time to replace it. However, children will need to have their mouthguard updated each season until their mouth is fully developed.

Can I customize the colour of my mouthguard?

Yes. We do our best to tailor the colour of your sports appliance to your preferences or to match your team jersey.

How should I store my mouthguard between uses?

It’s important to keep your mouthguard out of reach of pets, who are often tempted to chew on such appliances. Store the mouthguard in a closed case and avoid heat, such as a hot car.

How should I clean my sports mouthguard?

Rinse your appliance with lukewarm tap water and an antibacterial soap after each use and allow it to air dry.

Can sports mouthguards help prevent concussions?

There are some studies that suggest professionally fitted sports mouthguards can significantly reduce the chances of a concussion, due to the way they buffer the mandible (lower jaw) from the base of the skull and brain.

What type of injuries do sports mouthguards help prevent?

Wearing a snuggly fitted sports mouthguard can lower your chances of chipped or knocked out teeth and soft tissue injuries such as lip, tongue or cheek lacerations.

How long does it take to get a custom mouthguard?

Most of our mouthguards can be fitted in just one day, assuming we have your color preferences on hand.

Are custom guards better than over-the-counter guards?

Yes. Looser stock guards tend to fall out during secondary injuries or lack the snug fit that provides the best level of protection.

Want to Learn More?

Let the KR Dental team help you protect your teeth against trauma or injury by scheduling a consultation today!


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