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Dr Maryam Khan, B.Oral Health, G.Dip Dent (Griffith University)

I chose dentistry as a profession because I love to help others.”

She also likes that the occupation combines health, science and art. As a dentist, Dr Khan finds fulfillment in being able to get rid of a patient’s dental fear or anxiety, or at least reduce it.

Dr Maryam Khan

Education and Professional Development

To prepare for her career in the field, Dr Khan earned a Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Science from Griffith University. She graduated in 2016 with a Griffith Award for Academic Excellence. Additionally, she earned a Graduate Diploma of Dentistry. So she can keep up to date with the latest dental techniques, Dr Khan regularly takes continuing education courses, such as:

Family and Interests

Outside of KR Dental, Dr Khan enjoys spending time with her extended family members, which include many nieces and nephews who keep her busy. She also enjoys baking different dessert creations and feeding others!

As she is passionate about promoting good oral hygiene habits to others, Dr Khan enjoys doing community oral health promotion projects and presentations, usually for schools and kindergartens.

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