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New Patients

We love welcoming new patients of all ages to our practice and pride ourselves on providing you with the highest quality of oral health care that you’ll find. Our team love to build one-on-one, long-term relationships with each patient to ensure you have the most positive experience in our care. We’ve treated generations of patients and their families over the past 37 years and invite you too to join our close-knit practice family.

What to Expect on Your First Visit

Preferred Providers:

Preferred Providers

Upon entering our practice, you’ll be greeted by Janet or Alicia, our friendly reception staff. From the moment you step foot within KR Dental, you’ll be made to feel welcome. We have a comfortable lounge area for you to sit in whilst you wait to be seen by one of our dentists. This area is also equipped with a range of items to keep both you and your family (including children) entertained.

If you provided your email address to our staff prior to visiting, you will have received a patient medical history form to print and fill-in. If this is the case, we ask that you bring it with you on the day, along with additional information such as a list of your medications, and information about your general practitioner or any other dentists you’ve seen within the last 6 months.

Once your dentist is ready to see you, you will be escorted into one of our treatment rooms. The first portion of your appointment will take the form of a consultation chat, where our dentists will discuss any concerns with you to gain a greater understanding of your oral health. We will also take any records necessary, including photos or x-rays. Our dentist will then collate all of this information to make an accurate diagnosis, as well as to develop a personalised treatment plan.

Schedule Your First Appointment Today!

To schedule a consultation for you or a family member, please call (07) 3883 2434 today. We look forward to welcoming you and your family into our friendly, high-quality dental practice.


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