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It’s time to welcome you back!

At KR Dental, we believe in prevention and our intention is to care for your dental health as thoroughly as possible.

We encourage you to make regular visits with us in order to prevent oral health problems, the most prevalent of which is gum disease. Almost everyone has gum disease to some degree, what most people don’t know is that it can lead to jaw bone disease. It’s painless and has few side-effects. However the long term effects of this can be devastating, including tooth loss and more serious life-threatening problems if left untreated. Not to mention the effect that this can have on your wallet.

Good preventive dental care maintains good health and reduces future dental expenses and can be achieved if you visit us on a regular basis.

We invite you to take advantage of the special offer below.

Comprehensive Dental Examination for $189

  • Complete Oral Exam
  • 2 x-Rays
  • Extra oral photos
  • Flouride treatment
  • Professional clean,
    scale and polish

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