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Dental Veneers at KR Dental

Perfect Your Smile

Woman with big smileIt isn’t uncommon for a patient to be experiencing cosmetic issues such as discoloured, misshapen, or gappy teeth. Here’s the good news though: you may be able to remedy these concerns and achieve your dream smile in as little as a few appointments at KR Dental!

Our highly-trained team offer facings and veeners, a popular and effective procedure for those wishing to makeover their smile in as little time as possible. When placed over your natural smile, veneers immediately transform the way your teeth look to everyone around you. They offer one of the quickest and most dramatic cosmetic benefits of any aesthetic dental service.

What is a Veneer or Facing?

A veneer is a composite resin or porcelain facing that is bonded to the front surface of a tooth. It resembles a very thin ‘sheet’ of tooth and once fixed permanently to a patient’s teeth, can give their smile a more beautiful and cohesive appearance. It’s similar to an acrylic nail placed over your fingernail. We can specify the exact colour, shape and size of your new ‘tooth’ depending on your personal specifications. Veneers offer a number of other benefits to patients too, including:

  • Their incredibly natural look and translucency
  • They require little to no additional maintenance (other than good oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups) once fitted
  • Dark lines are unlikely to form around the veneer
  • When compared to other cosmetic work, veneers often require less of the natural tooth structure to be removed

Illustration of dental veneerWhen obtaining veneers, patients will first visit one of our professional dentists for an initial consultation. During this time, our dentist will thoroughly assess your mouth to make sure you’re the perfect candidate for the cosmetic treatment. If not, we may be able to combine veneers with other attractive restorations, such as porcelain crowns or bridges for the best outcome. Our dentist will also take any oral photographs or impressions as necessary. These are then sent to the lab, where your custom-fitting veneers will be expertly crafted.

The teeth will then be prepared to receive the veneers, which will involve the removal of a thin layer of outer enamel to ensure the veneers sit flush with the rest of your teeth. Our dentist will also fit you with temporary veneers to avoid any sensitivity. Once your permanent veneers are sent back from the lab, they will be bonded securely to your teeth to give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

The majority of our veneer treatments are crafted from porcelain, which offers added advantages of durability and lifelike translucency in their design. However, there are more budget-savvy veneer options available when needed. Composite (chairside) veneers can be crafted directly onto a tooth in one appointment when there are limited aesthetic concerns in specific teeth. Although composite is not as durable – and tends to pick up stain a bit more – it provides an economical alternative for people in need of a more affordable veneer option.

How long do veneers last?

When properly cared for, porcelain veneers can last anywhere from 10-15 years on average or up to 20 years in total. Composite veneers tend to last somewhere between 5-7 years, assuming there isn’t heavy clenching or grinding involved.
Is my tooth healthy enough for a veneer?

Teeth with extensive fillings or wear may respond better to a full-coverage crown, due to loss of structural integrity. Your tooth will also need to be free of decay or gum disease.
Are dental veneers reversible?

Porcelain veneers are not reversible, as a thin layer of enamel is prepped before the restoration can be bonded into place. Composite veneers are reversible in most cases.
What type of maintenance is involved?

Veneers should be brushed twice daily and flossed at least once a day. Plan to book six monthly checkups to ensure that the margins around your veneers are intact and that your teeth and gums continue to be healthy.

Ready for Your Best Smile?

If you’re worried about crooked, misshapen, discoloured, chipped, or crowded teeth, and wish to achieve a more beautiful smile, then the KR Dental team can help. Please call (07) 3883 2434 today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced dentists.


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